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Middle East:

Hariri’s murder: leaks on the report that is to come out in December
Australia warns against terrorist acts in the Gulf
Towards a Palestinian state in Gaza in January 2009
Russia is suspected of secretly delivering weapons to Hezbollah
Who is behind the attacks on the Christians in Iraq?
Was Hassan Nasrallah poisoned?
Hezbollah deploying forces in the Gulf
A chemical accident in Hezbollahland?
Iran, Syria and Hezbollah plan to destabilize Iraq
Suspect ambush against Syrian soldiers
Syrian regime allegedly involved in Gen. Sleimane's murder
Syria trying to break up Hezbollah 


Major attack foiled in Italy?

The Russian army: getting stronger but far from perfect

Finland tempted by NATO
European socialists vetoing including Hezbollah in the EU’s terrorist list

Russia helping the Taliban?
Putin sure Russia can coerce the West

Spanish police discovered an Al Qaeda training manual on the web
Al-Qaeda is allegedly recruiting more female suicide bombers for jihad


Al-Qaeda killed a security officer with a letter bomb in Yemen

Attack foiled against the Algerian president
An Algerian salafist group criticizes AQIM

Al Qaeda leader killed in Yemen
Yemen facing daunting challenges


Radical Islam trying to penetrate secular Azerbaijan

Afghanistan: confession of a Pakistani suicide bomber who could not go through with his mission
Tribes: the solution to the Afghan quagmire?

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